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Student Work Placement

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Work Placement for Students during Programme of Study


Cooperative Education

The Cooperative Education programme (or undergraduate placement) at the University of Limerick is a core element of all undergraduate degrees. As part of the programme, all students, regardless of discipline, undertake relevant work experience normally of eight months duration.

About 2,000 students are placed on CoOp every year, with about 30% placed internationally. This makes it one of the largest placement programmes in Europe. Some 1,600 employers participate in the programme annually and about 75% of these employers also employ UL graduates.

The Benefits of CoOp as an Employer provides you with an opportunity to undertake projects or other work by hiring additional temporary resources without adding a permanent payroll cost. Students are enthusiastic, energetic, offer specialist skills from their academic programmes, and are eager to work on complex or routine tasks.

The CoOp programme can be a cost effective and flexible solution to your recruitment needs. CoOp also gives your organisation the chance to vet potential graduates first-hand over an extended period in a real work environment.

More information on the Cooperative Education


Teaching Practice

Teaching Practice is the integrated placement component of the undergraduate and postgraduate Teaching degrees viz.

  • Bachelor of Science (Education) in Biological Science or Physics or Chemistry
  • B.Sc. Physical Education
  • Bachelor of Technology (Education) Materials and Engineering Technology
  • Bachelor of Technology (Education) Materials and Construction Technology
  • Graduate Diploma in Education (Business)
  • Graduate Diploma in Education (Music)
  • Graduate Diploma in Education (Technology)
  • Graduate Diploma in Education (Languages)
  • Graduate Diploma in Education (Physical Education)

Students enrolled on the undergraduate teaching degrees complete two Teaching practice assignments whilst those enrolled on the Graduate Diplomas undertake one assignment. Teaching practice is formally graded on an incremental scale and an honours grade is a prerequisite for an overall honours degree. The academic assessment of students on teaching practice is therefore a critical activity and is at the core of the teaching practice process.


Clinical Placement

Clinical Placement is an integral part of the. It is organised by the Practice Education Co-ordinator and takes place throughout the two years of the programme. Students will be placed in different sites around Ireland and there may be opportunities for some placements to take place outside of Ireland. There is no financial support for placement: students will need to cover their travel and accommodation costs associated with placement. Placements frequently involve considerable travel.